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The Blessed Lord Said...

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I taught this imperishable doctrine to Vivasvat , god of the sun, more than a hundred billion years ago; Vivasvat told it

 to Manu, father of humans; Manu to King Iksvaku; transmitted from one generation to the next, it was known for eons 
to all the primeval wise men, the seers and philosophers kings, But over the dwindling ages the doctrine has been lost, Arjuna.

This is the ancient doctrine that I have taught you today, since you are my devotee and friend. This is the innermost doctrine.


But you wer born countless eons later than the god of the sun. How, then, is it possible that you taught this doctrine to him?


Many times I have been born, and many time you have, also. All these lives I remember; you recall only this one.

Although I am unborn, deathless the infinite Lord of all beings, through my own wondrous power I come into finite form.
Whenever righteousness falters and chaos threatens to prevail I take on a human body and manifest myself on earth.

In order to protect the good , to destroy the doers of evil, to ensure the triumph of righteousness, in every age I am born.
Whoever knows, profoundly  my divine presence on earth is not reborn when he leaves the body, but comes to me.

Released from greed, fear, anger, absorbed in me and made pure by the practice of wisdom, many have attained my own state of being.
However men try to reach me, I return their love with my love; whatever path they may travel it leads to me in the end.
Wishing success in their actions men sacrifice to the gods, for ritual can bring success quickly in the world of men.

I founded the four –caste system with the gunas appropriate to each; although I did this, know that I am the eternal non-doer
Actions cannot defiled me, since I am indifferent to results; all those who understand this will not be bound by their actions.
This is how actions were done by the ancient seekers of freedom; follow their example: act, surrendering the fruits of action.
What are action and inaction? This matter confuses even wise men; so I will teach you and free you from any harm.

You must realize what action is, what wrong action and inaction are as swell. The true nature of action is profound, and difficult to fathom.

He who can see inaction in the midst of action, and action in the midst of inaction, is wise and act in the spirit of yoga.
With no desire for success, no anxiety about failure, indifferent to results, he burns up his actions in the fire of wisdom.

Surrendering all thoughts of outcome, unperturbed, self reliant, he does nothing at all, even when fully engaged in actions,
There is nothing that he expects, nothing that he fears. Serene, free from possessions, untainted, acting with the body alone.

Content with whatever happens, unattached to pleasure or pain success or failure, he acts and is never bound by his action.  When a man has let go of attachments, when his mind is rooted in wisdom, everything he does is worship and his actions all melt away.

God is the offering, God is offered, poured out by God; God is attained by all those who see God in every action.
Some men of you pray to the gods, and make their worship; some offer worship by worship itself, in the fire of God;

Others offer their senses in the sire of self  abnegation others offer the senses’ objects, In the fire of the senses; others offer all actions of the senses and of the breath in the fire- kindled by wisdom- of the yoga of self restraint. 

Some offer wealth, austerities their practice of yoga; others ascetics  - offer their studies of the scriptures, and wisdom itself;
Others, intent in control of their vital forces, offer their  in breath into their out breath or their out breath into their in-breath ; 

Others, while fasting, offer their in-breath , into their in breath, All these understand worship; by worship they are cleansed of sin.
Partaking of the essence of worship, forever they are freed of themselves; but non-worshipers cannot be happy in the world or any other.
Thus many forms of worship may lead to freedom, Arjuna. All these are born of action when you know this, you will be free.
Better than any ritual is the worship achieved through wisdom; wisdom is the final goal of every action, Arjuna.
Find a wise teacher, honor him ask him your questions, serve him; someone who has see the truth will you on the path to wisdom.
When you realize it, you will never fall back into delusion; knowing it,  you see all beings in yourself, and yourself in me.

Even if you were the most evil of evildoers, Arjuna,  wisdom is the boat that would  carry you across the sea of all sin.
Just as firewood is turned to ashes in the flames of fire, all actions are turned to ashes in wisdom’s refining flames.

Nothing in the world can purify as powerfully as wisdom; practiced in yoga, you will find this wisdom within yourself.
Resolute, restraining his senses  the man of faith becomes wise; once he attains true wisdom, he soon attains perfect peace.
Ignorant men without faith are easily mired in doubt; they never be truly happy in this world or the world beyond.

A man is not bound by action who renounces action through yoga, who concentrates on the Self, and whose  doubt is cut off by wisdom.
Therefore, with sword of wisdom cut off this doubt in your heart; follow the path of self less action; Stand Up, Arjuna!

Chapter 4
A New Version


This realm of sorrow is the world tree that the sages describe; its roots above, its branches below, its green leaves the sacred hymns.

Its branches, spreading below and above, are fed by the gunas, and bud into objects of the senses; its roots, causing action, stretch down
Into the world of me; men here on earth cannot see how vast and extensive its form is or where it begins and ends.  Cut down this deep rooted tree with the sharp edge ax of detachment; then search for that primal Person from whom the whole universe flows.

Find him in the place that one enters and does not return from; without arrogance or delusion intent of the Self alone,
Serene, which desires extinguished, released from pleasure and pain from joy and suffering, the wise attain the eternal state.
The sun does not give it light, nor the moon, nor does any fire; those who reach it, my highest  dwelling, are never reborn.

One fragment of me, becoming an eternal soul in the world draws to itself the mind and the other five Nature-born senses.
When the Lord takes on a body or leaves it, he carries these senses just as the wind carries fragrances from the places where it has been.
Presiding over the senses of hearing and sight of touch taste, smell, and also mind. he savors the senses’ objects.

Whether  he leaves or remains enjoying his contact with the gunas, the deluded see nothing; but wise men see him with their inner eye.
True men of yoga, striving, see him within themselves; but men without self control however they strive do not see him.
The brilliance of the moon, of fire, the brilliance that flames from the sun to illumine the entire world  -
This brilliance in truth is mine

Entering  the earth, I support all beings by my life giving power; becoming the nectar l filled moonlight, I cause plants and herbs to thrive. I am the vital fire in the bellies of all men; joined with the breath as it flows. I digest the various kinds of food.

I dwell deep in the hearts of all beings; I am the source of memory and Knowledge, the author of all scriptures, their wisdom, their goal.
In this world there are two person: the transient and the eternal; all beings are transient as bodies, but eternal with the Self, Yet beyond these two is the ultimate Person, the highest Self, the immutable Lord who, entering the universe, brings it to life.

I am beyond transient and  am higher than the eternal: therefore, scriptures and world call me the Ultimate Person.

Whoever, clear-minded, knows me as the Ultimate Person knows all that is truly worth knowing and he loves me with all his heart.
Thus, Arjuna, I have taught you this most secret doctrine; whoever learns it, is wise and has done all that there is to do.

Chaoter 15
The Ultimate Person
A new Translation

One man loves you with pure devotion; another man loves the unmanifest. Which of these two understands yoga more deeply?

Those who love  and revere me with unwavering faith, always centering their minds on me – they are the most perfect in yoga.
But  those who were revere the imperishable the Unsayable. The Unmanifest,  the All Present,  the inconceivable, the Exalted, the Unchanging , the Eternal,
Mastering their senses, acting at all times with equanimity, rejoicing in the welfare of all beings they too will reach me at last.
But their path is much more arduous because, for embodied beings, the Unmanifest is obscure and difficult to attain.
Those who love and revere me, who surrender all actions tome, who meditate upon me with undistracted attention, whose minds have entered my being – I come to them all, Arjuna and quickly rescue them all from the ocean of death and birth.
Concentrate every thought on me alone; with a mind fully absorbed, one pointed you will live within me, forever.
If you find that you are unable to center  your thoughts on me, strengthen your mind by the steady practice of concentration.
If even this is beyond your powers,  dedicate yourself to me; performing all actions for my sake you will surely achieve success.
If even this is beyond you, rely on my basic teaching; act  always without attachment, surrendering your action’s fruits.
Knowledge is better than practice; meditation is better than Knowledge; and best of all is surrender, which soon brings peace.
He who has let go of hatred, who treats all beings with kindness and compassion, who is always serene, unmoved by pain and pleasure,
Free of the” I” and “mine” self –controlled, firm and patient, his whole mind focused on me –that is the one I love best,
He who neither disturbs the world nor is disturbed by it, who is free of all joy, fear, envy,  that man is the one I love best.
He who is pure, impartial , skilled unworried, calm, selfless in all undertakings that is the one I love best.
He who, devoted to me, is beyond joy an hatred, grief and desire, good and bad fortune – that man is the one I love best.
The same to both friend and foe, the same in disgrace or honor, suffering or joy untroubled, indifferent to praise or blame,
Quiet, filled with devotion, content with whatever happens, at home wherever he is --- that man is the one I love best,
Those who realize the essence of duty, who trust me completely and surrender their lives to me I love them with very great love.

Chapter 12
BhagavaGita A new Version

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